Postgraduate courses

Decision making in multi-agent systems

Nikolaos Matsatsinis

Advanced Issues in Information and Decision Systems

Nikolaos Matsatsinis

Introduction. Decision Theory. Group Decision Making & Negotiations. Multi-Criteria Group Decision Making. Social Choice Theory. Structured Modeling & Model-based Management Systems. Intelligent Decision Systems. IS & DSS Evaluation. Information Filtering & Retrieval. User Modeling. Consumer Modeling. Adaptive and Personalization Methods. Workflow Management and Virtual Enterprises. Web-pages Evaluation. Information Systems Management. Advanced IS & DSS (Group Decision Support Systems, Multicriteria DSS, Executive Support Systems, Spatial DSS, Distributed DSS, …). DSS Applications in Marketing, Finance, Production, Management, Health, etc.

Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction 

Evangelos Grigoroudis

Introduction to service quality (principles and definitions), Methodology for applied total quality management practices in services, Alternative methodological approaches (Servqual, Servperf, Oliver, Fornell and Kano models Structural equation models MUSA method), Customer value management, Quality awards and satisfaction barometers, Customer satisfaction surveys, Employee satisfaction, Customer loyalty, Advanced topics on service quality, Applications and studies. (Prerequisite: basic knowledge of statistics and data analysis).

Evolutionary Algorithms and Optimisation of Large Scale Systems

Ioannis Marinakis

Quantitative Methods in Marketing

Stelios Tsafarakis